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Painting For Our President Alex Krasky Art on Channel 8 and 3 Las Vegas

Painting For Our President Alex Krasky Art

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My Painting of the Presidents of the United States. I intend to hand it personally to the current President of United States. This is my latest Work. This is the way I see United States, the way I feel it. The most powerfull contry in the world. I hope it will be always like that. This Painting I did for Barack Obama. I hope, he will like it. I would like to give it personally to him when its done. I am glad I am here. Nothing came to me easy way. I appriciate everything I have. I promised my Mom, I will shake Presidents hand.
P.S. Its already two months since I painted it. Even I have received the Letter from the White House where the President and the First Lady thanked me for my Gift, The Gift- Painting is still in my house. Just getting dusty. May be one day they will let me to bring it to the White House.

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