About Me

I was born in former Russia to a military family.  Both of my parents served as physicians in the former Russian military.  My father a surgeon; my mother a pediatrician.

I started drawing in pencils at the age of 5; however, due to the constant relocations related to my parent’s work and other circumstances, my artistic ability was not further pursued.

I left the now Ukraine in 1997 and began my journey to the United States.  There were circumstances and reasons that prompted the decision of leaving.  Three years and seven countries later, I got to the United States.  It was a once in a life time, memorable journey.  I documented every bit of the journey and am in the process of translating it and I will publish it one day.

Once I settled in my new country, I drew sporadically, whenever I had time after work.

After I got laid off from my work, in April 2009, at the urge of my wife, I took four oil painting classes with Ms Jan Bennett, who is so wonderful and started oil painting.  It was the first time I held brushes in my hand.  I never stopped since.

In the past two years, I utilized every moment I had to create many beautiful pieces that you see on this website.  It is extremely rewarding to have my works recognized at various TV channels and news articles.  I am humbled and grateful to have received so many supports.

I learned, life is not a rehearsal, we go forward every day, regardless.  I learned to savor the moment and take pleasure in small things in life.  After all, life is made up of thousands of “small moments”.